Endurance Motorsports is a leading full service automotive shop in Cincinnati. We are your main stop when it comes to parts, tuning, service, installations, and fabrication. Our 6,000 sq. ft. facility features a fabrication bay, engine building clean room, parts showroom, and a conference room where we can plan out your entire build.

Endurance Motorsports Fabrication

We have the ability and certifications to add performance upgrades to all type vehicles including diesels.

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Endurance Motorsports Performance Parts

Performance Parts

We offer over 400 brands of performance parts to build your car the way you want.

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Endurance Motorsports Fabrication


Endurance Motorsports has a dedicated bay for fabrication. We can handle fabrication jobs of all. Tube work to custom brackets and mounts, we have you covered. Click below to see some of our past work.

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Endurance Motorsports Installation Service


Endurance Motorsports is a trusted source in the maintenance and installation of performance automobiles. We are able to tackle a vast array of installation needs from suspension upgrades, turbocharging builds, head gaskets, and oil changes.

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Endurance Motorsports Engine Building

Engine Building

Endurance Motorsports can tackle your engine build! We pride ourselves on doing the work correct the first time! All engines are built in a clean room.

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Endurance Motorsports Fabrication

Vinyl Cutting

Endurance Motorsports is fully equipped to do up to three color custom vinyl cutting.

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Endurance Motorsports Wiring Service


We offer full wiring services. Whether you are doing a swap and need the stock harness modified or you need a completely custom harness, we have you covered!

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Endurance Motorsports Tuning


New modifcations often require tuning to fully maximize their performance. Endurance Motorsports has experience with both stand alone engine management systems and stock engine management systems.

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