Cobb Tuning Introduces Products for the VW Golf GTI MK6

Cobb Tuning releases their new product line for the VW Golf GTI MK6

Ladies and gentlemen, today we are happy to announce the introduction of Cobb Tuning’s new line of products for the VW Golf GTI MK6!

For those of you who do not know of the Cobb tuning line, Cobb Tuning has products ranging from intakes to exhausts to handheld ECU flashing devices for a variety of vehicles including Nissan GT-R’s, BMW’s, Subaru’s, Mitsubishi’s and many more popular platforms.

Today, we mark a new milestone with the introduction of products for the VW Golf GTI MK6. You will be able to make your VW go even faster with the release of the Accessport V3, Intake, Panel Filter, Cat-Back Exhaust, Downpipes, Turboback and Stage Power Packages.

Right now, their supports is for the VW Golf GTI MK6 (2010-2014) and they plan to extend supports to the MK7 GTI and then to tuning the Direct Shift Gearbox.

Accessport V3
Product Code: AP3-VLK-001
MSRP: $650

High Flow Filter
Product Code: 7V1110
MSRP: $60

Intake System
Product Code: 7V1100
MSRP: $395

Turboback Exhaust
Product Code: 5V1300
MSRP: $1795

Cat-Back Exhaust
Product Code: 5V1100
MSRP: $1195

Catted 3″ Downpipe
Product Code: 5V1202
MSRP: $725

3″ Downpipe Rear
Product Code: 5V1203
MSRP: $275

Stage 2 Power Package (Includes Accessport V3, Intake System, Cat-back Exhaust, Catted 3″ Downpipe and a Cobb Vehicle Badge)
Product Code: 6V1X02
MSRP: $2775

Stage 1+ Power Package (Includes Accessport V3 and Intake System)
Product Code: 6V1X01P
MSRP: $975

Stage 1 Power Package (Includes Accessport V3 and High Flow Filter)
Product Code: 6V1X01
MSRP: $675

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