DeatschWerks DW350iL Fuel Pump Released

DeatschWerks DW350iL Fuel Pump Released!

DeatschWerks DW350iL

Fuel pumps, fuel pumps, fuel pumps!
DeatschWerks has just released their newest addition of fuel pumps to their world renowned fuel pumps!

The DeatschWerks DW350iL is a high flowing, 350 liter per hour fuel pump which is DeatschWerks first external in-line fuel pump. The DW350iL is also the highest flowing pump that DeatschWerks currently offers, flowing at 350 Liters per Hour at 40 PSI and over 300 Liters per Hour at 70 psi which can support over 750hp. The pump utilizes technology called roller-vane, which allows a flatter flow curve which results in more flow at higher pressures. This is a must have for turbo and supercharged applications!

Not only is DeatschWerks DW350iL allows for higher flow rates, the DW350iL comes with -8 AN female fittings on both the inlet and outlet for those of you that need to incorporate larger fuel lines. In addition, the fuel pump has an anodized aluminum body, two t-bolt mounting brackets with rubber isolators, and rubber boots to protect the power terminals.

And for those of you that use Bosch 044 surge tanks, the DW350iL has been engineered to fit, providing reserve fueling capacity and dual pump capabilities for you horsepower freaks!

- 350LPH @ 40psi 
- -8AN ORB Fittings In/Out 
- Race Proven Success in Formula D & GTA 
- Supports up to 750hp (1250hp Dual Setup) 
- Roller-Vane Technology 
- 3-year no-fault warranty 

DeatschWerks DW350iL DeatschWerks DW350iL

DeatschWerks DW350iL

If you have any questions regarding this product or would like to place an order, please feel free to give us a call at (859)-817-9917or shoot us an email at

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